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Thursday, September 6th, 2007

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Saturday, July 21st, 2007

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We’re Back

Friday, July 6th, 2007

We were down for about a week, where we were exploring some upgrades and changes to the site, (and had hoped to come back with some new features,) but we just could not seem to find the right people to do it. Hence, we return.

Thanks to all who wrote, some politely inquiring, some demanding we return. Sorry to leave you unexpectedly!

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The SoonerThought Show Celebrates 50 Episodes

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

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I Crapped Out on The Public Radio Talent Quest

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Not even in the top 100…I guess I keep my day job. For now, heh. Click below for info on the ones who seem to have made the cut.

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Transcript of SoonerThought Show’s Interview with Greg Palast

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

Our recent, third interview with New York Times Bestselling Author Greg Palast covered the new material in his book Armed Madhouse. Below is a transcript of the show. Audio is available here. Enjoy!


Alex: Greg Palast. Welcome back to the Sooner Thought Show.

Greg Palast: Hey. I’m glad to be back.

Alex: Yes, it’s good to have you. You’ve been a busy guy again, haven’t you?

Greg: Well, yes. I got the new edition of “Armed Madhouse” out and I got my first review, by the way, from a guy named Karl Rove. It was subpoenaed. It’s very unusual to get a review this way, by congressional subpoena.

Alex: [laughs]

Greg: I can’t make this up; I really can’t. Congress subpoenaed Rove’s emails and the Rove‑bots in his office, and they were sending several back and forth, screeching about “that British reporter.”

Alex: That “British” reporter!

Greg: Yes. For those who don’t know Greg Palast, I’m American. Now Karl Rove is un‑American, so let’s get our facts straight!

Alex: [laughs]

Greg: But then they were gloating. Here’s a good one. They were gloating that, “Don’t worry, because no U.S. national media is picking up the investigation of Greg Palast.” And they included an excerpt of the PDF attached to the email of “Armed Madhouse”. No one has seen this.

Alex: [laughs]

Greg: By the way, we just got the word that we’re back on the New York Times best seller list. But we’re still completely locked out of mainstream TV in the U.S. I’m the only best selling author in America who has not appeared on U.S. national television.

Alex: You know, that’s funny. We had William Blum on our show. Do you know William Blum, with the anti‑empire report? He kind of rocketed to fame because of Osama bin Laden, or somebody. I think it was Osama, wasn’t it, who recommended his book or something?

Greg: Oh yes, Osama’s mommy, yes.

Alex: Yes. There you go. Even he got on television.

Greg: They could put him out as a fruitcake. It was like, “Oh! Osama’s best buddy! Osama’s reading group.” By the way, I was on Sean Hannity’s national radio program.

Alex: Oh, sorry.

Greg: [laughs] He says, “It’s Greg Palast. Greg Palast reports for BBC. Well Palast, you’re a putz! You know what a putz is? You’re a putz!” And then he hung up on me. So I can’t say that I wasn’t on in national media.

Alex: What that tells me is that… Why aren’t you on “The Daily Show?”

Greg: Look, it’s entertainment. And a lot of it is bringing on these very straight guys, and they don’t actually bring on very controversial or informative figures. Against, it’s a comedy show.

Alex: True. You’re funny, though.

Greg: Well, the information is funny. I mean you’re talking about banana peel time with our government. See, that’s the other thing. We have so many people‑‑and I know that you’re on the board of the ACLU‑‑and I appreciate the fact that your group is screaming about “taking away our civil liberties.” What’s worse is that they’re taking away our sense of humor. They are also… These guys, you know… The war on terror… I have a section here in the book of criticism of Osama Wolf. It’s as slapstick as it is dangerous. In the new “Armed Madhouse”‑‑which I’ve expanded substantially, to my publisher’s chagrin: “What is all this for?”

Alex: [laughs]

Greg: Inside the book it says, “Well, the evil had a double.”

Alex: It’s like “The Fifth Element.”

Greg: I got them, by the way, to put in a four‑color mini‑poster of the “Armed Madhouse” by the “Mad” artist Winston Smith. And Ted Kennedy said, “What’s this for? It’s expensive.” And I said, “If you have to ask, you don’t know. You’ll never know.”

Alex: Yes, you don’t know.

Greg: Anyway, but I added a chapter, for example, called “Busted” about how I was busted‑‑I kid you not‑‑by the Department of Homeland Security for violating the anti‑terror laws. I used to joke that the reason I report for BBC Television is that investigative reporting is against the law and against the PATRIOT Act in the U.S., so I have to report for Britain. But then I actually did some investigative reporting down in New Orleans, and I was charged with violating the PATRIOT Act by the Department of Homeland Security. I kid you not.

Alex: Was that you and Matt running around down there?

Greg: [coughs] Excuse me. Anthrax. Sorry. Yes, my U.S. producer Matt Pascarella and myself were out there. I guess you’ve got to say it’s good news because after five years of intensively hunting me, they did find Greg Palast. The drama’s out there, but you know, hey. I want to mention that a lot of people thought I was arrested. Not true! They charged me, but they couldn’t find me.

Alex: They charged you in absentia.

Greg: They charged me but they couldn’t find me. And you know what?

Alex: What?

Greg: I’m on television.

Alex: [laughs]

Greg: These are the guys looking for Osama!

Alex: [laughs]

Greg: They’re the ones looking for the bad guys. They can’t find Greg Palast. Three weeks go by. I called them. I said, “I don’t know what I’m being charged with.” Actually, I was afraid. My first big fear was that I couldn’t get on an airplane to go home. You know what my second fear was? That I got on the airplane. [laughs]

Alex: [laughs]

Greg: Think about that. I mean, you’re worried about them taking away our civil liberties. I’m worried about a bunch of guys in balloon shoes with red noses and funny wigs with nuclear weapons. This is the clownocracy.

Alex: [laughs]

Greg: All they need are little bicycles. Everyone talks about Cheney’s Volkswagen‑‑I think it’s a little Volkswagen that they all pile out of. It’s seriously bad. Then of course in New Orleans, despite the slapstick of the Keystone Homeland Security Cops, is what I found in New Orleans. That’s why I had to add the new chapter. The publisher said, “Oh, put it in the next book.” I said, “No, it can’t wait. I’m sorry.” You’ve got 89, 000 families (that’s 80% of the city of New Orleans) living in, like, an aluminum Guantanamo.

Alex: Right.

Greg: And it’s spread out all over the place, deliberately outside of the city, mostly outside of the state. People forget that these are working people. It’s a working city. And nothing is closer than 100 miles from the city. And they couldn’t get to work and lost their jobs. The city’s not rebuilt. And I’m filming these people. They’re stuck in a place called, lovingly, “Cancer Alley.”

Alex: Nice.

Greg: And I film them. As I filmed the people in this kind of tin can city under the Exxon/Mobil refinery, I was charged with anti‑terror laws because I was filming, they said, “critical infrastructure.”

Alex: The refinery.

Greg: The refinery and the tin cans. I’m sure you know that FEMA is part of Homeland Security, too.

Alex: Oh, absolutely.

Greg: So I said, “What the heck is a ‘critical infrastructure’?” And they said well, “Any major polluting facility owned by a Bush donor.”

Alex: [laughs]

Greg: I made that one up. But I said, “Well, I put this stuff on ‘Democracy Now’.” And I finally got out of it. It was at the time no joke, because these guys, it’s not so much I expected to end up in an orange suit in the…

Alex: Gitmo?

Greg: …in the inner thought wing at Guantanamo. But what they do is that they burn up your time and they burn up mucho money with lawyers while you’re trying to deal with this. Now you know that from your ACLU work. I mean these guys can really ruin you, and actually if I were working for US TV I would be jam on toast right now. But I got out of it because I explained Osama stopped reading my books to target things because he does it better by just using Google Maps. If you want to do the refinery, there’s a close‑up shot.

Alex: That’s right guys. If you look in the book, if you look in “Armed Madhouse,” the new paperback edition, Greg illustrates it so beautifully because there is a shot from Google Earth of the refinery.

Greg: I didn’t put in the picture I took because I would be charged.

Alex: Yeah, that’s right.

Greg: The picture I took of the refinery, that is basically of the plumes of fifth and smoke and garbage belching from the Bush oil machinery there, that I couldn’t show because I’d be in deep trouble. But you can target your cruise missile through Google Maps.

But the other thing I was showing in the book I also have a new edition obviously now. That was good because it proved to me you actually looked at it, and I know you’re one of those weird radio who actually reads the book.

Alex: I read it cover to cover, I’ve got little sticky notes throughout to bring. Greg, I don’t fool around man. [laughter]

Greg: It’s good that you did that because under PATRIOT Act Four they are going to be confiscating them by next March.

Alex: I figure that the black helicopters will land and take me away. I was going to say though, you did a DVD right? New Orleans, the Big Easy to the Big Empty?

Greg: Yes that’s right. The book is more detailed but we did decide to go hog wild and show the infrastructure. But more important, in the book what you’ll see is how these people got drowned. One of the things is you look at the evacuation plan and I was looking for it. I called FEMA.

I actually used to do some evacuation planning believe it or not, like a couple of years ago. Long Island, New York where they have a hurricane every ten years, believe it or not. They have a fixed volume evacuation plan that we put together. They know where every nursing home is and all of that. People have beepers. It’s a rich area.

But in New Orleans I’m watching this chaos, and I call FEMA and I say, “I’d like to see this evacuation plan that you have. Can I get it online?” Because everywhere else it’s a public document. And they said, and kid you not, I have this recorded, “We can’t locate it.”

Alex: Oh no.

Greg: And I said, “You can’t locate the evacuation plan for like the hurricane city? Ok.” and then like they call me back a couple of days later because I put in a formal Freedom of Information request for the information plan, and they said, “Sorry, FEMA is part of Homeland Security and it is confidential.” National security. Now think about that a minute. A confidential evacuation plan. The police didn’t have it, no one had it. I guess they were afraid in case Osama was in New Orleans they didn’t want him to get out. So that’s what was going down. And then I finally got a hold of it through Birdy at FEMA, and it was a draft plan but it was never finished because they paid a million dollars to a contractor to do this. Normally it’s done by the government but no, Bush contracted it out to guys whose entire experience was a big hunk of donations to the Republican Party.

Alex: That’s their modus operandi throughout the whole thing.

Greg: In all fairness, I have to say they did come up with a plan for New Orleans. You know what it was?

Alex: Let them all drown?

Greg: Get in your car and like hell. For a million bucks.

Alex: Well there you go. And in Busted, the new chapter, there’s a picture of West Hampton Dunes, New York, rebuilt after the storm damage. And I’m looking at this, you’ve got a picture here of a grand Bohemian style dream house, priced 2.8 mil?

Greg: The average home value in West Hampton Dunes is three million dollars. See when the Federal sea barriers broke in West Hampton, the Federal government rebuilt every one of the mansions on the beach that belonged to the bond traders and the hedge fund operators, and Stephen Spielberg. The other is they even put back the beach sand, thousands of trucks of sand so that you know, they can tan themselves without…

Alex: Yeah.

Greg: That was West Hampton Dunes. Now in New Orleans, the Federal barriers broke and see here’s the thing that Bush will not admit to, but the top hurricane expert in the planet, who is in Louisiana, Ivor von Heerden, Dr. von Heerden at Louisiana State University Hurricane Center. I know this is sounding pretty serious suddenly. But he said, “Man, first of all, as you know there’s a hundred and twenty seven thousand people who didn’t have cars, that’s why they couldn’t get out.

By the way, the center tried to give the Bush administration a plan to get the people out. You know what they said?

Alex: What?

Greg: Stick it. Seriously. This is a year before the hurricane, a year before. They said they didn’t want it. They did it for free. Even though the contract was paid for a million dollars, they were horrified when they saw what the million dollars got them. So they said we better fix this. So they actually went out and fixed the plan, and FEMA said, “We don’t want it.” OK, people don’t want to hear this? This conspiracy, black helicopter stuff? I’m sorry, I didn’t get if from the black helicopter. I got it from the Louisiana State Hurricane Center.

These guys are like furious and upset, and then on top of that they told me that they told the White House that the seawalls, that the levees were eighteen inches too short and that you have to… and I said, “They can’t do that while the hurricane is approaching.” and they said, “We didn’t tell them when the hurricane was approaching. We told them three or four years ago.” And I said, “Well who did you tell in the government?” And he said, “We contacted the White House, senior White house officials called us and said what do we do about New Orleans? The seawalls are eighteen inches too short. They are going to collapse in any storm surge, that you miss measured. The Army Core miss measured sea level. Fix it.” They said, “They’re buys, as soon as they get back, because they’re out blowing up and rebuilding bridges in Baghdad.” They knew.

Alex: Only from you and Harry Shearer am I hearing anything about New Orleans these days.

Greg: Cooper Anderson did his little cry thing.

Alex: Oh for God’s sake.

Greg: He did his cry op as they call it in the biz.

Alex: Cry op!

Greg: He did his cry op, and now he’s on to Angelina and Brad. It was really upsetting though. He’s a Vanderbilt, Anderson Cooper. And it was very upsetting for him to see the way they were treating those people who cut his grass and take care of his illegitimate children. Oh did I say that?

Greg: Oh hey! Can we shift gears real quick for a moment here? We’ll go from New Orleans to New Mexico. And you talk about that extensively.

Greg: Everyone concentrates on that. “Stealing the election in Ohio! ” But what about New Mexico man?

Alex: Yeah.

Greg: They had an entire precinct of absentee ballots from the military. Ok, these are basically Hispanics and Native Americans from the Pueblos. They got all these ballots in, and not one vote for president of the United States.

Alex: Right.

Greg: Supposedly the guys under the Humvees, shivering under the Humvees send in their votes and not one voted for president. That’s what the machine said. Right, ok. Very good.

And in the Pueblos themselves you have precincts where supposedly the natives drove all the way, through big distances, they drove into the polls, they waited in line and they went in and looked at the ballot and said, “Oh, forget it.” Didn’t vote.

Alex: Yeah.

Greg: For president. Who cares? So I went to the pueblos, you’ll see I went to like Taos pueblo, precinct thirteen of Taos, which is the pueblo, and looking around for the indecisive Indians, I said, “So, you guys can’t make up your mind? Can’t pick a president?” And the War Chief ‑ that’s his official title, War Chief ‑ Ruben Romero said to me, ” Listen paleface, ” He’s a very nice guy. He said, “Mr. Palast we know how to pick a president but we don’t pick the machine.” There you go.

Alex: What really shocked me was how complicit the Governor Bill Richardson was in this whole thing.

Greg: Yeah, the Chubby Checker of deregulation, now running for president, running for vice president or something.

Alex; Yeah, exactly.

Greg: First of all, William Richardson. How many homeboys from the barrio have a name like that. He was Kissinger’s partner.

Alex: Can I stop you for a moment? When you told me he was a Kissinger man in the book, my jaw just dropped. Because I frankly have no, no respect for Kissinger.

Greg: You don’t?

Alex: Oh God.

Greg: He saved Chile from it’s voters.

Alex: Just for Pepsi right?

Greg: You know, it’s like he saved Viet Nam from its voters too, you know what I mean? And Richardson was his buck buddy and then became governor. And so Richardson watched, chucking to himself, as Kerry went down in New Mexico by fifty‑nine hundred votes. Thirty thousand votes weren’t counted.

Richardson said, “It’s too expensive to count those ballots.” Everyone talks about a recount. It’s not a recount! It’s counting ballots that were never counted because the machines couldn’t count them or they were challenged by the Republican Party. So you then go in and count the uncounted ballots. This is not about recounts. People use that term recount. It’s not a recount, guys, that we are talking about. It’s a count of the uncounted votes.

There were three million six thousand three hundred and eighty votes not counted in the last election. Now I want everyone to write down the damn number. Three million six thousand three hundred and eighty votes cast and not counted, not in the Ukraine but in the United States of America. Well, what the…I give up. Forget it, I’m going to hang up now. Like I don’t know. It’s not just the Republicans but the Democrats are doing that too. But it was the Republicans who were engineering the non‑count.

Alex; Right.

Greg: And that’s one of the things in the new edition book. That is why Karl Rove is gloating that the US press is not picking up “Armed Madhouse” because we have the documents. They’re looking for these RNC memos that were written by the Rove bots.

I’ve got five hundred of them, and one of them is in the book, which indicates that the whole challenge campaign, and they were challenging, their number one target to stop the voting, black soldiers. They were targeting black soldiers by sending them letters, first class letters, do not forward, and when the letters came back undelivered they used that as evidence to block the votes. This is a suspect voter.

Alex: Oh geez.

Greg; Three million votes were challenged by the Republican party. One point one million votes were cast and not counted by that group. I mean it’s not a small operation. The center of it was going after the soldiers, so go to Baghdad and loose your vote. Mission accomplished.

Alex: You know folks; Greg goes in such detail here. He talks about spoilage, words like that. He explains everything in the book; I mean there’s real detail here. It’s like he’s saying in kind of a fun way, but he’s saying that it’s actually criminal that the US media has not picked this up and ran with it. It’s like you said, if they want to investigate what’s going on with the Rove Whitehouse, just take this book and read it. There’s so much in there.

Greg: That’s why people don’t read it. Remember, it goes on about New Orleans, theft of the election, theft of the 2008 election, which they’ve already begun, the Prosecutor‑gate story, then of course we have the Iraq oil story, which is today. This is not history guys. This is current events and it’s not future events. That’s the problem. People don’t know what the heck is going on behind the screen. Even progressives are denied the information. People are protesting and dissenting through grace and often on the feel that these guys are lying.

Alex: Right.

Greg: I don’t believe these guys are lying, I know these guys are lying because I have the documents. That’s what I do. And you know, so that’s why I’m really grateful for your podcast because there’s just no way around it. We’ve got to break through the electronic Berlin wall maybe some way. Maybe skywriting next time.

Alex: Well skywriting, that’s good unless there’s another hurricane. But you know…

Greg: The podcast, yeah.

Alex: The podcast is doing good. You know what’s interesting to me, and you make a very good point, I’ve done my blog since ‘03, the podcast for just over a year not. The podcast has about ten times as many subscribers as the blog. People want to listen, and they want to hear your voice, Greg, and that’s why it’s so great that you appear on the show. I know you’re very busy. I was going to do the lightning round real quick with you, which we did last time.

Greg: Ok.

Alex: I just throw some topics at you and you hit me with your thoughts, ok?

Greg: Here we go, ready? Three, two, one.

Alex: The Bush veto of the Democrat’s war funding bill. Thoughts?

Greg: Just a second, that’s Rove on the phone right now. They just won’t stop, will they. He heard that I was on that you will breaking the omerta of the press in the US, you know? Sneak me in.

I mean look, the Democrats are basically still going along with the idea that there ought to be troops there and why are we there? First of all, it’s not a request from George Bush to keep the troops there. The veto isn’t from George. He’s the glove puppet. Let’s not talk about the puppeteers.

Dick Cheney was dragged, he was told to drop his drumstick at Thanksgiving of last year, and told we need you right now to kiss the throne of King Abdul of Saudi Arabia, who told Cheney in no uncertain terms US troops will not be withdrawn because they cannot allow Iran to take control of Iraq’s oil quota. They really did call it Operation Iraqi Liberation, we show that in the book. That’s a real clip. That isn’t an urban myth. Oil.

Alex: Oil.

Greg: That’s what’s going down here. It’s a gang war over oil. It’s not Bush’s thing. We’ve gotten so caught up in this idea that there’s a quagmire. Unh‑uh. Anyone who thinks that we are in a horrible quagmire has got it dead wrong. I’m sorry, this is one a lot of people won’t get, because the point was, as you see from the documents, to control the supply of oil.

Alex: Right.

Greg: And that doesn’t mean get the supply of oil, it means control it so you don’t get it. And Clinton was in office, oil was 20 bucks a barrel; Bush is in office, oil is $50 a barrel.

Alex: Yeah.

Greg: $20 a barrel, $50 a barrel‑‑that’s mission accomplished!

Alex: “Do not destroy oil wells.”

Greg: That’s right.

Alex: Who said that?

Greg: Well, two people said that. Before the tanks rolled on May 17, 2003, Bush said, [impersonating Bush] “I want to speak to the Iraqi people.” Remember that, when he was about to invade?

Alex: Oh yeah.

Greg: And I thought he was going to say, “Hey, our kids are coming in to liberate you, so don’t shoot them.”

Alex: Right.

Greg: But he’s a warrior, so he doesn’t care about that. But he did tell the Iraqis that‑‑which is funny, because of course, you know, they speak Arabic, but what the hell…

Alex: [laughs]

Greg: He said, [impersonating Bush] “Do not destroy oil wells.”

I can’t make that one up. And I thought that was bad enough. [laughs] But then I realized he plagiarized it from another writer, Osama Bin Laden, who had just before that said, “When the infidels come, Oh my brothers, do not destroy your own oil resources.”

Alex: Oh boy.

Greg: Because that’s Osama’s game too. Look, Osama’s from a billionaire Saudi family. This is a gang war over oil.

Alex: Right.

Greg: And anyone who thinks differently is really missing the point. It ain’t a quagmire, it’s a gang war. This ain’t Vietnam. This is a totally different thing. They like it like this.

Alex: That’s the thing, and it’s just like a light bulb going on, and people are wondering, “Why are we still there? Why is there this..?”

Greg: Yes. There’s also a discussion of why we went in.

Alex: Right.

Greg: And by the way, people thought, “Well, we went in really for the oil, not to get the weapons of mass destruction. We went in to get the oil.” No we didn’t. We went in to stop the oil from coming out. That was the most interesting thing in my investigation.

Alex: The net effect of that, of course, was all the oil prices across the board went up.

Greg: You got it.

Alex: Ah.

Greg: So what happened was that they were afraid that Saddam wanted to sell some more oil. We’re the one who put the embargo on him!

Alex: Right, yeah.

Greg: I mean, look, I have no love for that guy. I didn’t like Saddam when he was George Bush’s butcher.

Alex: Right, yeah.

Greg: Just because he switched sides, I didn’t switch my view of him. But the thing is, he wanted to sell more oil. We’re the one who put the embargo and created the Oil for Food Program, which meant very little oil for us, very little food for them‑‑and the oil companies love that.

Alex: Yeah, absolutely. OK. Well, couple more topics real quick here.

Greg: OK.

Alex: Alberto VO5‑‑how much longer before he’s gone?

Greg: Does it matter?

Alex: No.

Greg: Again, this is another glove puppet. I want to go after the fist in the glove. You know, Karl Rove was the one that engineered these firings.

Alex: I knew you’d say that, because Gonzales is a sideshow.

Greg: That’s right. [mocking] “Oh when will he go? What will he say?” And in fact, notice that the Republicans are shooting holes in him, including Dick Cheney. That means that this a setup to give you a scapegoat. Look, we went through this in Watergate, when Richard Nixon threw out both Kleindienst, his Attorney General, and Patrick Gray, his FBI chief…

Alex: That’s the “Saturday Night Massacre.”

Greg: And basically made them the scapegoat. But then you didn’t have a Congress that bought that one.

Alex: Right.

Greg: They went after Mr. Big. It’s not Gonzales who fired the prosecutor. They serve they say at the pleasure of the President. Why is the President so pleasured to get rid of these prosecutors?

In the end, and remember I just told you about targeting the black soldiers? That is a crime. By the way, Bobby Kennedy, I was speaking with him last night, he is a voting rights attorney, Bobby Kennedy Jr., and he said that’s a crime, it’s a go to jail crime. So the guy in charge of it that Rove put in charge of it, a guy named Tim Griffin, and where is little Timmy know? Hey, US Prosecutor, US Attorney for Arkansas Well they made the perpetrator the prosecutor and that’s another mission accomplished. That’s what they wanted to do.

Therefore first of all, if you have a wrongful dismissal the first thing you do is rehire the people. Not one Democrat, and I’m spitting bullets about this, we haven’t had one Democrat saying “Hire them back”, get rid of the con‑men like Tim Griffin and bring back the prosecutors. They were wrongly removed. Bring them back is number one. Put Rove, because this is obstruction of justice, put Rove in chains, read him his rights. Once again Karl Rove has given us a Libby. Forget it man, I have no sympathy for Gonzales.

Alex: Oh God no!

Greg: I mean if you want to play a pony don’t be surprised if someone puts a saddle on you.

Alex: Oh excellent. Ok one more bit. George Tenet, did you see the sixty minutes interview, or could you not stomach it?

Greg: Yeah, you know what? He was saying “I lied to you but I had my fingers crossed”. I couldn’t believe, he said “Golly gee they took me seriously, oh no”. He said “We all knew we were lying I was just saying here is how we can market the lie”. I mean it was unbelievable. What that guy was saying is that he committed a fraud against the public, a lie against the Constitution. He’s saying…his excuse was “Everyone knows I’m a lying scum‑bag, Everyone knows I’m a toadie.”

Alex: But he seemed so indignant, he was saying “Scott, now Scott, now Scott” like he was so indignant that he was even being asked these questions.

Greg: Yeah.

Alex: Look, do you want to sell your book or not buddy? That’s what I was thinking.

Greg: I mean anyone who buys this book, the guy’s a pure warnographer.

Alex: Oohh!

Greg: Don’t…don’t…I remember during the Watergate thing that there was this bumper sticker, because all these guys are cashing in this way; “Don’t buy books from crooks,” “no books from crooks,” you know what you do? Buy another copy of “Armed Madhouse” and mail it to George Tenet and then mail one to Karl Rove. Bobby Kennedy suggested that we take the emails implicating Rove and Tim Griffin in the illegal wipe out of black soldiers…that you photocopy that page of “Armed Madhouse” and send it to every Republican Congressmen and say “There is your boy”.

Alex: Oohh!

Greg: By the way, one thing I have done is I’ve now put my copyright in the comments. It is the only New York Times ever in which I have removed my personal copyright.

When Bobby says “Photocopy it and send it”, do just that guy.

Alex: So the stuff I’ve been excerpting all along you aren’t going to sue me for then, right?

Greg: I want to congratulate you. Everyone should get it and spread it.

Alex: Ok, I know we have to finish up, so I’m going to say this ‑ Greg as usual you have been a great guest and I want to invite all our listeners to do three things. One, visit Two, buy yourself a copy of the new “Armed Madhouse.” Three, buy your friend a copy of the new “Armed Madhouse.” Is there anything you’d like to add to that Greg?

Greg: Yeah, four!


Make your friend read the darned book.

Alex: Make them read the darned book don’t just… I was reading the book the other day and a friend of mine whose progressive said “Oh this will just make me mad, I better not read it” and I’m like “Damn it no, you read it and get mad.”

Greg: Just get a few laughs. It’s so grim that if you don’t laugh I’ll give you your money back.

Alex: Wow, well too late for me, I laughed my ass off on this thing. Greg, as usual you have been a gem. Thank you.

Greg: Hey take it easy buddy.

Alex: All right, bye.

Colin Hay Has a New CD

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Welcome to the Colin Hay Official Web Site! the Man at Work from Men at Work

New Interview with Greg Palast on the Podcast

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Catch it here:The SoonerThought Show


Episode 47 Greg Palast Returns! 5.4.07


This episode welcomes back our friend New York Times bestselling author and master muckraker Greg Palast, author of “Armed Madhouse” (Penguin Paperback 2007). When Palast, an investigator of corporate fraud and racketeering, turned his skills to journalism, he was quickly recognized as, “The most important investigative reporter of our time” [Tribune Magazine] in Britain, where his first reports appeared on BBC television and in the Guardian newspapers.

Author of another New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Palast is best known in his native USA as the journalist who, for the Observer (UK), broke the story of how Jeb Bush purged thousands of Black

Florida citizens from voter rolls before the 2000 election, thereby handing the White House to his brother George. His reports on the theft of election 2004, the spike of the FBI investigations of the bin Ladens before September 11, the secret State Department documents planning the seizure of Iraq’s oil fields have won him a record six “Project Censored” for reporting the news American media doesn’t want you to hear. “The top investigative journalist in the United States is persona non grata in his own country’s media.” [Asia Times.] He returned to America to report for Harper’s Magazine.

Palast’s Sam Spade style television and print exposé’s about elections manipulations, War on Terror and globalization, as seen on BBC ’s Newsnight and Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! His writings have won the Financial Times David Thomas Prize–and inspired the Eminem video, Mosh. “An American hero,” said Martin Luther King III. In the BBC documentary, Bush Family Fortunes, Palast exposed George Bush Jr.’s dodging the Vietnam War draft. Greg Palast, says Noam Chomsky, “Upsets all the right people.”

Palast won the George Orwell Courage in Journalism Award for his BBC documentary, Bush Family Fortunes.

He has appeared on the SoonerThought Show previously. 

A transcript of this episode will be posted soon.
Also in this episode, former CIA Director George Tenet squirms and we take calls from old favorites like EuroSatan and new ones like the Drunk Tax Lawyer and the Yokel. You, too can call the Listener Line: 206-339-4328. Music on this show, including our theme song by .22 is from the Podsafe Music Net. Want your daily fix from Alex and the gang? Visit! Help keep us online—donate today!

Also, please vote for us on

Greg Palast: Don’t Fire Gonzales

Friday, April 27th, 2007


Legendary journalist Palast has previously been interviewed by this site and our podcast. A new interview with Greg will appear on The SoonerThought Show around May 5. His new edition of his bestseller Armed Madhouse is available now.

Greg Palast

Before President Bush fired his sorry ass, US Attorney David Iglesias of New Mexico, in a last sad attempt to suck up to his Republican padrones, allowed his chief mouthpiece, Norm Cairns, to speak with me. He shouldn’t have.

That was two years back, while I was investigating strange doings in New Mexico and Arizona, where, simultaneously, state legislators, Republicans all, claimed they had evidence of “voter fraud.” Psychiatrists call this kind of mutual delusional behavior folie a deux. I suspected something else: I smelled Karl Rove.

The Week - Green Issue

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Check it out. Cool idea:

The Week - Green Issue

Rumor Has It Rice Is Being Drafted to Oppose Inhofe

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Thank God, Oklahoma may actually have a candidate worthy of knocking off the idiotic U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe…you non-Okies know Inhofe as the guy who tried to lecture Al Gore on the “myth” of global warming. He’s also the guy who said that the number of Murrah Building Bombing victims depended on how many were “playing hooky.”

I do not know Andrew Rice, but people I know and respect do. He is currently a State Senator in a part of Oklahoma City near where I ran unsuccessfully for State Representative. He has a very good reputation.

Check out the site drafting Andrew Rice.

If you like what you see, and want to get rid of that idiot Inhofe, then maybe you should encourage the guy. And once he announces, join me in writing a check or two.
Below is an excerpt:/archives/category/announcements/button_174.jpg

“State Senator Andrew Rice has the right blend of real-world experience and leadership Oklahoma needs to move forward in the 21st Century. His common sense approaches to the Earth’s Climate Crisis and his advocacy for Oklahoma’s working families stand in direct opposition to the narrow-minded politics of the embarrassing Jim Inhofe.

State Senator Andrew Rice is exactly what Oklahoma needs in the U.S. Senate. By joining the Draft Andrew Movement, you’ll not only encourage Senator Rice to run and beat Jim Inhofe, but also signal to the country that Oklahoma is ready to regain its rightful place as a national leader in policy and morality.”

The SoonerThought Show Scores Another Interview with Greg Palast

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Author Greg Palast will return to the podcast soon, as we have scheduled an interview the first week of May. Look for the episode by May 5.

In the meantime, check out the updated edition of his book here.

And listen to his first interview with us here.

Here’s Greg’s take on the Virginia Tech massacre.